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Elana Iaciofano

I’m a creative director, photographer, and culinary producer.

I focus on food and I consider it an art form: preparation, cooking, and presentation. Every ingredient that is used, every fork that accompanies a dish, adds to the story.

I work with companies large and small to create visually stunning, compelling and delicious campaigns.

My background is in graphic design, and I’ve worked on the east and west coasts, both for companies and as a contractor.

I transitioned into the food world in 2009 with the purchase of my first DSLR camera and the launch of a food blog that I mainted with my younger brother. From there, I launched a mobile pizza kitchen, authored two books (Top Your Pizza, about seasonal, healthy pizza cookery for Colavita Olive Oil; and Zaza's Perfect Pie: a story, activity and cookbook about one little girl's quest to make the perfect pizza), taught cooking classes, and currently work as the Creative Director for Colavita Olive Oil. I speak a wee bit of Italian.

I live and work in the great state of New Jersey with my husband and our nine bicycles.


elana.iaciofano [at] gmail [dot] com