Colavita USA

A series of print ads using the tagline “made with olives and amore” to call attention to the simplicity of the ingredients, the Italian heritage of the brand and the versatility of using olive oil in home recipes.



A collection of recipes, videos, and images showcasing how to use Perugina bars and Perugina Baci in inventive ways.



A collection of images, recipes and a video showcasing a partnership between Colavita Olive Oil and Peroni Nastro Azzurro. The recipes are based on a meal prep theme, and stress the importance of stocking up on the essentials (olive oil and beer!) to make meal prep easy and fun.

Meal Prep with Colavita and Peroni

Creative Direction and Food Styling:
Elana Iaciofano

Videography and Editing: Tristen Wallace

Prop and Additional Food Styling: Lee Ann Piloto


The Artist Baker

A series of images for a local bakery’s social media use, as well as cover and editorial photography featuring the work of The Artist Baker, Andrea Lekburg, in Edible Jersey Magazine.