I'm a Creative Food Voice, Culinary Instructor and Pizzaiola.

What's a CFV? I dedicate myself to narrative branding and tell stories with and about food. 

I use different media — print, video, photos, and blogging — to play with my food in order to tell a story, teach, entertain and instruct. 

I consider food an art form: preparation, cooking, presentation. Every ingredient that is used, every fork that accompanies a dish, adds to the story.

I use this method and resulting dish, whether delicious or inedible, to convey a message, to relate to people, and to draw a crowd around my table.

I create cooking videos, write recipes and contribute them and accompanying stories to publications and websites. I've authored a book, Top Your Pizza, about seasonal, healthy pizza cookery for Colavita Olive Oil.

I also teach cooking classes. As a culinary instructor, I get to share my love of food and teach others how to make my favorite recipes...

...which are frequently pizza recipes.

I love pizza. I love the dough: the mixing, rising and baking. I love the toppings: the simple, the complex and the infinite combinations in between.

Pizza unleashed my inner child chef and allows my imagination to run wild. I get to make a mess, all in the name of good fun and great pizza. It's magic. My goal is to combine this enthusiasm and imagination with nutrition, because I believe pizza can be a healthy meal. Consequently, I'm always searching for the perfect pie.