Elana Iaciofano


My name is Elana Iaciofano (last name is pronounced YACH-O-FANO…it’s fun to say!). I live in New Jersey with my husband Eric and our nine bicycles. I am a creative director for the food industry, food photographer, illustrator, author, and pizzaiola.

I consider food an art form: preparation, cooking, and presentation. Every ingredient that is used, every fork that accompanies a dish, adds to the story. I work with companies large and small to create visually stunning, compelling and delicious campaigns.

I’m also a wee bit obsessed with pizza. I teach pizza cooking classes and formerly owned a mobile pizza cooking school.

I wrote, illustrated and photographed Zaza's Perfect Pie: a story, activity, and cookbook about one little girl's quest to make the perfect pizza.

I currently work as the Creative Director for Colavita Olive Oil.

Some more fun facts about me:

  • I started drawing when I was 9 months old.

  • My favorite TV show of all time is the X-Files.

  • I have read all the Harry Potters eight times. Cover to cover.

  • Choosing a favorite pizza topping is like choosing a favorite child. But if pressed…. Pear and gorgonzola with rosemary and honey.

  • My brother John and I started a food blog back in 2010. That’s where I started to learn food photography and recipe writing.

  • My dad once tried to convince me that Campbell’s Clam Chowder was his own home made.

  • I have a lot of pizza knowledge. So if you have questions, just ask.


elana.iaciofano [at] gmail [dot] com